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The traditional recipe 25 years          Family company          Honest gingerbread  


Without the addition of preservatives         Hand made          ​​Made in Slovakia         

Our story

            In 1990 he founded the company Šlosarčíková Marta (Read more about her beginnings and insights on business.) . Over time, most families work enthused. The beginnings were difficult. During the week the gingerbread produced in the basement in the Little Lehôtka and over the weekend they were to go to someone at the fair. Took care of everything Marta, her husband Francis, daughter Andrea and Marta and son Miro. Today production is directly given to 27 employees in the village of raspberry, near the town of Prievidza.

            For over 20 years using an old family recipe, according to which our products are produced with an emphasis on quality and honest process without the use of formulated mixtures and the addition of preservatives. This is the handiwork ( See our detailed production ).

            We are constantly striving to improve our manufacturing processes to be gingerbread, the best quality and most delicious, while maintaining the traditional recipe and procedure. Gingerbread are added several health benefits spices, such as cinnamon, allspice and anise. We use mostly natural dyes, which do not harm the body.

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