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The Color: Brown: 2,20 €


Price per: 1 piece
Dimensions: Height 14 cm, width 8.5 cm
Weight: 50g
Allergens: gluten, dripping

       Chick snehuliačik "SNIEŽIK" very popular with children. Not only will help induce VIANOCNE atmorsféru but also great taste.

      "SNIEŽIK" is available in two color combinations - brown white- and blue-white. Both colors are natural.

Ingredients:  wheat flour, sugar, dried and fresh egg whites and yolks, potato and corn starch, caramel syrup, vegetable palm oil rapeseed (contains the preservative sorbic acid), invert sugar, spices: a mixture of spices, raising agents: ammonium carbonate, vegetable rapeseed oil, vinegar, acidity regulator: citric acid benzyl ester, natural colors: brown malt barley extract, natural blue antokianín.

Preservative contains only vegetable fat and in a minimal amount.