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Cinnamon-delicious wood


          Cinnamon is considered one of the world's oldest spices. Country of origin cinnamon right is Sri Lanka, originates from the vats and most used spices today. From time immemorial was used not only in the kitchen but also for the production of perfumes and incense. Everyone knows her but few know how to obtain. Aristotle himself once believed in her adventurous origin, that it brings the unknown regions of the huge birds, which nest built from it. Those who wanted to get cinnamon, had initially attract birds hazardous meat and cinnamon then choose from nests. Similar myths about getting cinnamon circulated the world over.

          The most famous is the cinnamon cejlónsky. This is a evergreen tree that reaches a height of 10-15 m. However, the plantations are grown about 2.5 meter shrubs that grow from cuttings planted. The ideal climate is humid and hot. It takes eight years before it is possible to obtain from the plant spice. Harvesting takes place always in the rainy season, and twice a year. After harvesting, the sprouts cleaned, defoliate and subsequently knife has been removed bark. The shoots are allowed one or two days to dry in the shade to effect fermentation process. Consequently, for these special blades scrape the upper crust, which has a bitter taste. Net cinnamon was further dried in the sun to the edge coiled together. Subsequently graded by color and smell.

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          As we mentioned the use of cinnamon is wide. The kitchen does not hold an important role only in sweet dishes but also in savory. We use cinnamon to the gingerbread dough to give it a more delicate aroma and distinctive taste. Is used as a popular ingredient in beer and mulled wine. Today cinnamon is increasingly used in cosmetic and anti-cellulite.

          Cinnamon does not supply nourishment just beautiful characteristic taste and smell, also has a positive impact on human health. Its a warming effect relieves symptoms of flu, colds and sore throat also. It is also used to correct the defective stomach. And lowers cholesterol and due to its antibacterial activity is suitable for gargling in inflammation of the gums. From their own experience I can say that it is suitable for learning, as it enhances cognitive and memory properties.


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