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Interview with founder

          Marta Šlosarčíková is the founder of Slovak companies for the production of hand-made gingerbread. That is really honest and capable entrepreneur does not suggest only 25 year old thriving production but also its Businesswoman of the year award 2nd place in 2014 in Slovakia.



  • What led you to start their own business?

          Medex company I founded in 1990, was a time after the Velvet Revolution. At that time we did not know what it means to lose their jobs and that is what happened to most of my family. Since I did not want to be at the office I had to work something out.


  • From the beginning you know that Gingerbread is what you want to do in life?

          It has been my dream since childhood (laughs). But I knew that my grandmother was given before the war the manufacture and sale of gingerbread. She could feed his entire family and also friends of his brother with 9 children because her brother and husband were killed in the war. Educated intelligent people, who were then known musicians in Budapest and Vienna.
          So I put together material that remained voľakde there in the attic in the old Almare. They were different recipes and forms. I studied all the available literature, and now we are also in a family house rebuilt the basement workshop. Started our business.
          was very difficult, especially to satisfy all offices. But the hardest thing was to go to the fair and sell our products. Maybe because the socialist times I carried deemed function, I was head of the department of defense in the plant had 800 employees and all of a sudden going to sell at fair ... In my mind I still had that just two years before anything will not make the completion of the house. Well we started to do well and two years it has become currently has the 25th


  • What you think is the secret of your success?

          Firstly, I think it is important to continuously invest money to develop. As I mentioned, we started at home in the basement. We did not have money for rent and certainly not the equipment, what we needed. That's why we all earned money invested many years exclusively to the company. Ever, we did not use them in the first place were gingerbread. Over time, we have earned the building, which we then little by little renovated and zariaďovali. So it is today. Successful business can only be one that is constantly moving forward and improves.
Another big advantage is that we are a family company. Certainly it is sometimes difficult in company and home based still good, due to a number of problems. However one another, we can rely one hundred percentile.


  • What are your recommendations for start-ups?

         Today, in my opinion, much more difficult to start a business than it once was. When we started we, everyone else started as well. Today we see around large numbers of advanced firms and multinational corporations. The business environment is completely different. The requirements are much higher.
          's best to start a business in something that fills you at least a little to make it not just for the money but for the joy of what you do. My advice is PERSEVERE. It should be borne in mind that the reputation and clientele is necessary to obtain "slowly but surely". Develop high up it is quick and easy. It is important to maintain humility and does not want to show high profits immediately. Consideration to the quality of the first, together with reasonable price.


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