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Interview with our Cathy

          It is not surprising that the company Medex-fam are of cakes exclusively devoted to women. Basically, the whole company is almost pure female team when counting the three men. One of the clever women Katka.
     Katka been with the company for the past 23 years, almost since its inception. Its task is just the most creative part of the handmade and it is decorating. Read about her work and insights in the following article.



• How did you get into this work?
       I remember very well in the beginning. I would go to their cousins ​​Andrea, and Marte (daughter of the founder) occasionally help out, even when produced in the basement. After moving to rent to Bojnice needed more people. Since I enjoy the work, I was hired and today it is 23 years of work for Medex-fam.

• Is it hard work? It took you long to be learned Dress?
       was a long road. Can not learn it from day to day. While you show someone how to do it but also you have to learn yourself. Is much needed patience and determination. Today it is already 23 years active embellishments and still can learn something new. Although it is sometimes very difficult, it is not a monotonous job. Always thinking of new things.


• Do you think that everyone would be able to learn something?
do not know quite judge but tested it with us several people that it was not. Certainly the man himself must have something to work she brought to a perfection of what we all strive for the workshop. Although sometimes, everyone has a bad day and you are wondering how it can work on our show.

• Work in a woman's purely a team. How do you like it?
       must like it, but I have no choice (laughs). It is important that we all gon. On the workshop we complement each other, each is a "pro" to something else and therefore help. Of course, sometimes there is also the small disagreements but it does the job belongs.

Do you see changes in work now compared to the time when the Medex-fam started?
       Definitely yes. More work (laughs). Today it is difficult to succeed in the market and therefore we constantly invent new things, and it is sometimes difficult. It is much harder to take people as they used to. But I enjoy the work, it is important for me environment, it is not exactly nalinajkovaný program when you can and can not as different in mass production. I go to work to work, but always know that I was not expecting there just hard work but also friends and fun.

Finally, you "INCOGNITO" Katka greetings and wishes

much appetite gingerbread :) 





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