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  • Is your gingerbread soft or hard?

            When our gingerbread fresh and stored properly is soft. If you want to keep eating, it is recommended to still wrap in plastic bag and postpone a cool place. Before serving remove it and let the heat. This gingerbread softens again. If we remain hard it is possible to re-soften. You can wrap with fresh bread or cake and gingerbread softened by taking moisture from fresh bread. 

  • What is handmade in your production?

            In the factory-coated hand-lobed, painted, decorated, collected and subsequently hand-packed, except a few machine-packaged products.  Learn more about our production .

  • How to store the gingerbread?

            It is best to store them still wrapped in impermeable packaging (impervious to moisture) in a dark, cool place to approx. 23. Spice-cake filled with jam will last longer if you store them in the refrigerator. 

  • What is the shelf life of gingerbread?

            Gingerbread is edible, while retaining its distinctive smell and color. Spice-cake with jam or with dried fruit, are guaranteed two months. Decorated 4-6 months. Of course, everything depends on the proper preservation of products. Filled gingerbread has never not eat after the warranty period.

  • What can I do with gingerbread out of warranty?

       Decorated gingerbread, which even after the warranty period retain their sensory properties we can keep fully dried in a jar and use it for grating into different recipes. See ideas for the kitchen with dry gingerbread. Such gingerbread certainly reciprocate horses or other animals.


  • When you order products when they come to me?

          Please be patient. This is a manual work in the first place, we intend to deliver fresh gingerbread, therefore, are always manufactured after receipt of order. We try to always send packages least 7 working days from receipt of order.

Thank you for your understanding.