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Gingerbread and its production

Slovakia has a long tradition in the production of gingerbreads.
Every single recipe is something different and interesting.
It is this unique in that it is long gingerbread soft and supple.
Our production is the exact procedure, which shall not be infringed.
The vast majority of processes are hand work by our talented women.

  • Blending

  • Well dough, full of tasty ingredients,
    is the soul of our gingerbread.

  • Preparing the way

  • Cookie Cutters

  • Paragraph and vyvaľkané dough is then hand-lobed.

  • Roast

  • The exact time and temperature are the basis for a tasty result.

  • Coating

  • After cooling, the baked gingerbread need to be hand-painted, on what is done with pure natural ingredients.

  • Decorating

  • Probably the most difficult but the most creative part is just decoration. Since this is a purely hand-decorated, we can say that each of our decorated gingerbread is unique.

  • Packing

  • the last step, while the package is very important. Most products are wrapped by hand, to avoid damage, and of course for appearance.
  • However, the machine is packed nicer than our girls?