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Great download PerníkovéhoKráľovstva to new premises

May '15   

          We bring news from our reconstruction. Of course, that in February we did not succeed. Check out a few photos, as we are doing ...






Keep your fingers crossed.


November '14     

          During 25 years of production, we moved several times. We started in the cellar of a house in Little Lehôtka, in the town of Prievidza. More about the beginnings of the read in the article Interview with the founder . After four years, we moved to a rented building in Bojnice. Here we remained until 2001, when we managed to buy their own space in which we make gingerbread according to old family recipe today. In the same village, raspberry (near the town of Nové legal), we bought back in 2013, primary school, which had to be closed in 2007 for lack of funds. Since then slowly she fell into disrepair.

      We work hard so that we can move as quickly as possible in these larger spaces. We are very pleased that our products thrive at home and abroad, thus we can expand production and hire new employees of the municipality.

      Gradually, we changed the whole roof, windows exchanged for plastic, reconstruct the interior and exterior to meet the criteria of food. We are planning to relocate in February 2015, so keep your fingers crossed, because there is still a lot of work.


Current photos of conversion:





Have a nice day.

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