Traditional honey cake

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Traditional honey cake

Perhaps you would say that in a family where for 25 years they certainly do not eat gingerbread. The opposite is true. We must not miss the Christmas table traditional honey cuts.
This is a recipe that can be found almost every cookbook with minor variations or different fabrications. Ours is a traditional, in which we hold the password: "Simplicity is beauty.", In this case rather "Simplicity is the taste."

• Honey sheets (1 package)
• warn chocolate 100 g
20 g Cera •
• plum jam 50 g
For the filling:
• Golden Ear - 1 pack
0.25 liters • Milk
• Butter 125g
icing sugar • 90 g


      First of all, cook the pudding of milk and golden ear. Care should be taken to be thicker and do not add sugar in it. Next, we give it to cool to room temperature (butter must be of the same temperature as the pudding to filling nezrazila!).


      Meanwhile, we warned melt chocolate with cero in a water bath.
Next, whisk the butter with powdered sugar. This material has cooled mix with pudding. Caution: Always we put butter in the pudding, not vice versa.

      Then gradually begin to fulfill honey plates. My tier is: plate, stuffing, plate, plum jam, plate, stuffing plate. Canned chocolate then pour the honey cuts and allowed to solidify for approximately 6-12 hours, depending on how you can not wait.


Tip: If you can not spill chocolate evenly and remains uneven surface, it can be chocolate, what remains, spoon drizzle. Is covered with the inequality.

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